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This site is available to ISOs, Authorized Relationship Managers and developer partners. Virtual Payment Systems is actively recruiting partners to sell and market our lineup of innovative, secure and easy payment processing services. You can learn more about becoming a VPS ISO or Relationship manager here.

VPS ISOs & Partners Start Here

  1. You can access training information and marketing material after logging in.
  2. Once logged in go to the VPS Partner Portal Table of Contents.

VPS API Documentation

You can access documentation for the VPS Payment API here.

VPS Employees

The VPS Employees Area contains information, forms and documents for VPS employees.

Upcoming Partner Events

About Virtual Payment Systems, Inc.

More information is available on the Virtual Payment Systems website.


“Virtual Payment Systems”, “VPS” and “VPSpay” are trademarks of Virutal Payment Systems, Inc.

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