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I want my money back for a payment made through VPS.


If you have made a payment through VPS and would like a refund, first contact the Merchant you made the payment to. A contact phone number and email address is shown on the payment confirmation screen, and on the receipt that is emailed to you.

If you cannot get satisfaction from the merchant, contact the issuing bank for your payment card.

VPS is a payment portal that your merchant uses to accept online payments. VPS does not have the ability to issue refunds without being directed to do so by the merchant who accepted your payment or being ordered to do so by MasterCard, Visa or Discover through the "chargeback" process.

In some situations, the issuing bank is able to "chargeback" a payment (for example, if you paid but never received a product). If your situation makes your payment card transaction eligible for a chargeback, you will have to complete some paperwork and send it to your issuing bank's chargeback department. Your transaction will be investigated, the merchant contacted, and a decision will be made by Visa, MasterCard or Discover on refunding your money.


VPS recommends you attempt to contact the merchant before starting the chargeback process as merchants can issue refunds immediately, while a chargeback may take weeks or even months to get your money back, if at all.

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